Galatians WOW Study
New WOW Study getting started!


Women of the Word will dive into the word again this summer with a study on Paul’s Letter to the Galatians. “Galatians For You” is a study by Timothy Keller, a popular theologian, scholar and pastor from Manhattan, New York.

In Galatians for You beloved and visionary pastor Timothy Keller thoughtfully leads the reader through Galatians examining its key themes, topics, and issues. Well known for making biblical material clear and accessible as well as practical, Tim Keller is the ideal author for such an important book like Galatians.

The God’s Word for You commentary series is not a collection of commentaries. They assume neither a high level of biblical knowledge nor any understanding of the original languages. All verses are marked in bold for ease of reference and uncommon words are listed in gray, and placed in an index at the back of the book where they are defined or explained. This series has four primary aims:

  • Bible centered
  • Christ glorifying
  • Relevantly applied
  • Easily readable


Study begins on Tuesday, May 10, 6:30pm.  The study concludes by 8pm.


St. John’s Lutheran School Cafeteria (or alternative location in the school).

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