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Sunday Morning Adult Bible Study Returns

The events of the past several years have left a gapping “hole” in the usual Sunday morning schedule. On Sunday, September 18, a regular Sunday Morning Adult Bible Study returns, this time at 10:45am following Sunday Morning worship.

Pastor Albers will lead the group through a study of the stories of many Old Testament “heroes.” Actually, heroes is a rather simplistic description of any number of individuals who did not always live up to their reputations. Abraham nearly gave away the land God promised, not to mention his wife Sarah. Joseph and his brothers became the fathers of an entire nation of tribes. The stories of Moses and the people of Israel include plenty of faithlessness.

Join Pr. Albers as the group dives into a more comprehensive look at Biblical characters that we probably don’t know as well as we think we do!

The Sunday morning study will continue through at least Sunday, November 20.


Sunday mornings beginning Sunday, September 18


Ladies Lounge, St. John’s School Building

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