Leviticus 23:23-44 and Luke 12:35-53

Luke 12:35-36  “Stay dressed for action and keep your lamps burning, and be like men who are waiting for their master to come home from the wedding feast, so that they may open the door to him at once when he comes and knocks.


“Be Ready”

I can remember, when they were growing up, my children waiting and watching for grandma and grandpa to arrive for visits. They would stand by the window as arrival time neared. Then the shout would go out: “They’re here!” And out the door they would rush to greet their grandparents.

The words of Jesus from Luke 12 remind us to be ready. Are we prepared for the day when the Master will return? Are we waiting, in service, for Him to arrive? Do we watch out the window, ready to open the door? 

It is true; living in Pandemic times is unusual. There have been those who have proclaimed the last days. And yes, in our view, these are the last days. They began at the ascension of Jesus and will continue until His return.

When will that time be? No one knows. Not even Jesus, in His humanity, knew that time. Jesus encourages us to be ready for it whenever it happens.

There is another aspect to this saying of Jesus. We are to keep our lamps burning. Later He goes on to reminds us that He has set the faithful over all His possessions. What does He mean by that?

During these times when many of us are still under travel restrictions, when many stores are still closed, when social interaction is restricted, it can be harder to keep our faith strong. 

God has given us extra time in our re-organized daily schedule. We may have more time in our family’s midst so we can share our faith. Likewise we may find added time in our day for Bible Reading or study. We can also take time to look for worship services online. In our home offices we are able to turn on Christian music, even if we couldn’t in our normal office.

Can we take this one step further? If the burning lamp is our faith, we find that when light spreads we are better able to see. How many people today live without the vision of Christ in their life? How many people still walk in darkness?

Are we letting our light shine? Really shine—into the darkest parts of the world! Are we sharing the hope that we have been given? Do we know our neighbor and the hurts they are bearing? Do we know the emotional struggles confronting the individual with no one to share time with? Will we take just a few moments of time to talk to them or make something to cheer their day?

Dressed for action. Ready to take up arms and advance the cause of Christ. Are we there yet? Do we feel strong enough in our faith?

Realize the thief, Satan, would steal all our faith from us if he could. He does not want anyone ready, does not want anyone dressed for action. He wants us to be asleep and he wants us to think God is the cause of all the trials we are facing. While God allows evil, He is NEVER the cause of it.

Remember, Satan is a liar. He employs fear as one of his great lies. He wants to lead us from the safety of God’s arms to his fear and doubt.

Instead, dress yourselves. Be ready for action. Turn on, and turn up the Light. Let Christ Jesus reign in your life.


PRAYER:  Heavenly Father, it is our prayer that You would keep us alert and ready for the time when Your Son, Jesus, will come again as the Judge of all mankind. At the same time we realize that there are many who are still lost, walking in the dark. Reflect your perfect light in us drawing others to the hope of salvation that You have given us.  It is ever ours by Your love as shown in the death and resurrection of Jesus, our Savior, in Whose name we pray. Amen.